Hello - I'm an audio-video entrepreneur, and technology evangelist.

I wear many hats, but some of these include Music Composer, Video Producer, Writer, Graphic Designer, Sound Designer, and Web Platform Manager.

Check out my video company PictoMoto.tv, my radio show about videogames The Curious Gamer, or my other video, music, and videogame projects

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8bit Rocket Game Music

My cousin recently finished his first video game project, titled “Rocket Game.” It’s a simple endless-runner game that lasts 1 minute (if you can survive that minute, that is).

It’s a quick, free play, so you should try it out here!

Songs for Chilling. Or Taverning. Or both.

Here’s a few new original songs for your hump day listening enjoyment.

The first 2 are concept Tavern songs, which are in continuation for the concept music I’m creating for the ambitious Elder Scrolls Skyrim + Morrowind mod called “Skywind.”

The next is a simple, smooth, electronic jam from my new album of various ambience soundtrack music over the past couple years.

If you’d like to listen to the rest of my ongoing Skywind concept album, you can do so here.

And if you’d like to listen to or buy my other soundtrack music, you can do so at my music store here.

Dad - Always with us

My Dad passed away a year ago today. It was a tough 2 1/2 years while he suffered through his brain cancer, but it’s been even tougher now that he’s not here.

I made this slideshow to commemorate the first year of his passing. It’s short and sweet, and while it offers only a brief of glimpse into his life, it makes it clear that he lived a full life surrounded by friends and family who loved him more than anything.

3 New Original Music Albums

Despite not being in college anymore and constantly working on narrative film projects, I’ve composed over a hundred new songs these past few years. I’ve uploaded close to 70 of them to my music site in 3 new albums: a new “Atmospheric” album, a new “Epic/Dark” album, and a concept/videogame album.

You can listen on the site for free, or buy them for a small price! Since they’re all soundtrack songs for projects, they’re good as background music while you work. Thanks for listening!

The Curious Gamer - Episode 2

The latest episode of my radio show, The Curious Gamer, is finally complete! Do you like podcasts? Ones with a This American Life or Radiolab vibe? Well, I’ve been told that you’d enjoy my show then!

The latest episode seeks to define what videogames are, why they engage us, and why this is important to analyze. You can listen to the latest episode at this link.